BANNA & QUINODOZ - Etude d'avocats - Genève
BANNA & QUINODOZ - Etude d'avocats - Genève

BANNA & QUINODOZ was founded under the impulse of Pierre BANNA and Raphaël QUINODOZ. Having both been partners for several years in a law firm comprising nearly thirty attorneys-at-law and advisers, they decided to create together a smaller law firm with a common goal: to provide each client with a personalised, competent and dynamic support.

Our law firm follows three fundamental principles: a special attention to clients' needs, a management of the case by an attorney-at-law expert in the relevant field, and a billing policy that respects the client's interests.

In our view, the client is not a file but a person, that we follow all along her or his life course. Our relations are regularly built to last, as we provide a personalised service of optimal quality.

To assist them, the founders of our law firm have teamed up with young associates that have proven to be talented, voluntary and competent, and with whom they have now been working for several years.

This dynamic, skillful team, bound by a solid friendship, ensures an optimal assistance to our clients with their private and professional activities, in civil, criminal or administrative matters, should it be for counsel or court proceedings.

We are at your service. Feel free to contact us if you need any legal advice, we are readily available to provide you with accurate responses.

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