In the heart of the city,
At the heart of your concerns.

Whatever the stage of your personal or professional life cycle,
our law firm accompanies you in the resolution of your challenges.

Our law firm

Committed, caring, professional and dynmaic our law firm is above all a united, complementary and reactive team.

We will listen to you, as true partners, and we will make our expertise and our network available to you.

BAN Firm

Three fundamental principles

Our law firm offers its services both to companies and individuals with strong commitments.

Committed partners

Whether it is to resolve a conflict or to accompany you in the realization of a project, we will be at your side to assist you, advise you and represent your interests, as true partners of trust.

Management of the case by a specialised lawyer

Thanks to the complementary nature of the lawyers on our team, we can provide you with the professional skills needed to resolve your case or carry out your project.

A respectful billingpolicy

We offer transparent and respectful pricing to our clients in line with our values.

BAN Old town Geneva

In the heart
of Geneva

Attached to our city and more particularly to our old town, our law firm is an actor of proximity located just a stone’s throw from the courthouse.

It is with pleasure that we welcome you to the heart of the historical heritage of our city.